VISIA skin analysis Michigan

VISIA Skin & Complexion Analysis

VISIA is a revolutionary computerized system for analyzing a patient’s complexion to determine their overall skin condition – so that together we can select the best skin care treatments and products to target their unique skin damage issues.

VISIA delivers the most comprehensive skin care consultations, offering computerized image capture with automatic skin type classification, refined facial feature detection, eight types of quantitative analysis, and more.

A capture module rotates smoothly around the patient, while they sit comfortably in our Birmingham, MI Med Spa. The entire process only takes a matter of minutes!

The facial images are then processed by VISIA’s proprietary 7th generation software. An easy to understand personalized printed report will be delivered, for the patient and Dr. Ali to use in treatment planning. Dr. Ali will explain the results contained in the report, and take the time to recommend the best skin care treatments and products based on the findings of the skin analysis.

As patients consider their aesthetic treatment, they can also conveniently view their images, treatment recommendations, and progress at home – using a secure (password protected) web portal. VISIA truly is the future of skin care, available now in our Birmingham Med Spa!